Basecamp is one of the finest Web 2.0 products out there. It is a well designed project management application, and apparently used by many people, some of whom pay a monthly subscription fee. It was created by 37Signals, and built on Ruby on Rails. Infact, Ruby on Rails was extracted from the Basecamp application. 37Signals hasn't required VC funding, and supports almost 400,000 users of their 5 products on 13 servers. I have found Basecamp to be more reliable than GMail.

The free version of Basecamp provides the ability to manage one project. There is an upgrade path if you need more projects or you need to share files. One of the cool features is that uploading files doesn't require a full page refresh.

Couple of things that can make Basecamp even better are a search box, and a rich text editor. Currently, writing rich text in Basecamp involves using their spunky markup. Also, another problem which I came across was that of automatic e-mailing whenever someone posted a comment to my post. And then the whole team conversation moved to email, which kind of defeats the purpose of using a project management application. I think GMail might be Basecamp's biggest inadvertent competitor, since it provides 2GB of free space, message board like conversations and labels.

Overall, Basecamp is a very professional quality product, with a very nice user interface. It is also a very focused and customisable product. For example, a business can put their own logo on the site, and even on the login screen for their users.

I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants a professional, web-based project management application. You can run your whole Web 2.0 company with Basecamp !

Here are some screenshots (copied from their website):


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