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What’s under the hood ?

The most important aspect of a Web 2.0 application is what's under it's hood. That means, is there any substance to it ? Is it useful ? Does it do something better, faster, cheaper than some other website ? Would it make any difference to a target user if it dropped off the face of the planet ?

Just having a well designed, nice looking, AJAX-enhanced application isn't enough. Infact, that is just the beginning.

Under the hood, your application could be an amazing blog search engine, based on some neat algorithms (BlogRank ?), or something else. Is BlogPulse a Web 2.0 application ? Perhaps.


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Colors 2.0 – The Web 2.0 is a lot about fresh design

I came across this Web 2.0 palette recently (over here). Nice colors and design are an essential component of most of the better Web 2.0 sites out there.

Rounded corners are in. This link explains how to get your rounded corners with CSS only.

Some more niceness (taken from the RubyonRails site):

A bit more candyfloss and feel good stuff (from Strongspace):

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